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Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream

Infinite Runner for Core gamers Featuring Grammy(R)-Nominated DJ Steve Aoki, Neon Dream will blend the near effortless controls of an Infinite Runner with the transcendental experience of Aoki’s music. Using a joystick, players fly over an endless track through a mesmerizing world of color and shape while collecting coins, avoiding barriers, and listening to tracks […]

T2: Terminator 2 – First Person Action

First Person Action for Core gamers In the year 2027, you are the newest weapon for the Resistance in the fight against Skynet. Play as a T-1000 captured and reprogrammed by the Resistance to fight for the survival of the human race. Battle with multiple weapons against legions of T-800 Terminators to collect their CPU […]

Cosmic Candy Heist: An Intergalactic Matching Puzzle Game

Widest Audience of Casual Gamers The Earth’s greatest resource is under attack! Players join the Secret Service and travel the globe to protect our candy! To stop the sweet-toothed aliens from stealing every confection on Earth, players must match puzzle tiles to gain rewards and win big! The gorgeously enticing graphics and casual matching game […]

Poseidon’s Deep Sea Saga: An Undersea Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter for Casual gamers Players join Poseidon to free the ocean from an aquatic interloper who wants to enslave all the ocean’s creatures. Use your wits and skills to quickly match and pop bubbles, capture treasures, and free your fishy friends. Easy to play and fun to watch, Poseidon’s Deep Sea Saga will appeal […]